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"I've been going to EZ Dental Clinic for almost two years and the staff have been so friendly and welcoming. I thought I needed a root canal because of tooth pain but the dentist instead fixed my bite (which made the pain go away!) and helped me avoid a costly root canal. I thought the young front desk girl was very sweet."

Maddie E.

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"I've been going to EZ Dental Clinic for about fifteen years now and decided to leave this review because they have done such a great job for me and my family over the years. The dentists and the assistants are always polite, professional, attentive and do a great job. I would definitely recommend the clinic."

Sivan S.

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"This is probably the best dental office I have ever been to. The staff are very nice and the dentists are great. I would highly recommend them to everyone. And I will! Thank you EZ dental."

Chris S

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"I came in for a dental cleaning & exam. I was seen on time, treated with cheerfulness & respect. The cleaning did not hurt (a first for me!) & Iiya was an excellent technician/hygienist who kept me informed step by step on procedures.The dentist did her exam and listened to my concerns & answers to her questions. Great new high tech equipment made the experience the best dental visit I've ever had! Thanks, E-Z Dental!!! "

Holly M.

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"We have been going to Ez Dental for a few years now. My son and I have a rare dental disease and they have lots of knowledge about it and always have some options for us. They do quality work at an affordable price. All of there staff are professional, friendly and make us feel welcome and relaxed every visit. I recommend them to all of my family and friends."

Debbi H.

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Favorite Dental Office ever!
I can’t say enough about EZ-Dental. Dr. Ilya and the staff there are very good and I never dread going to the dentist since I started coming here. I highly recommend them for their customer service, efficiency and ability. I give them 5 stars!

Anne B.

5 stars

So very thankful for the professional treatment that I have received, such great relations with their patients! I am ready to see Dr. Ilya everyday and come to his office like a holiday!
I would recommend him 100% to anyone who needs a dentist! Thank you!
I had PRP/PRF done and I healed twice as fast! I was completely healed within 4 days of my procedure! I have lymphoma and I have been feeling much better after my procedure. I believe it might have started from my infection in my teeth. Dr. Ilya was super! So gentle! I didn’t experience any pain before, during, or after! I recommend the PRP/PRF procedure to anyone undergoing surgical procedures!

Marina T.

5 stars

5 stars
“A RARITY in this world”

“YOU GET MORE THEN YOU PAY FOR ” Excellent Dentistry- Highly Skilled, Kind, Gentle dental care provided by some of the east sides finest Dentists. Sabina and Victoria are very highly skilled front desk and Assistants and Hygienist also very kind as well. Jeff Goobes owner an excellent Denturist. I give my seal of approval ***** and comfortably refer patients to them often.

Debbie Shanks

5 stars

My first visit with this team was great! The hygienist Ilya Golochapov was friendly, skilled and knowledgeable. He goes above and beyond to make everything as comfortable as possible for you while taking X rays. He is also very good about answering all my questions and didn’t make me feel like I was just a patient he was trying to get through. He seems to genuinely care about his patients. I can’t say enough good things about his work done. He is really awesome and I highly recommend him!

Natalie M.

5 stars

Very good dentists all personal front desk awesome. I so glad they fixed my teeth. Would recommend them to everyone.

Paul K.

5 stars

"I have been going here for ten years. They are very friendly and it is a comfortable atmosphere. I feel like family. I am very satisfied with the work I have had done as well as the prices. I recommend it to my friends and they have been happy as well. I do not understand the bad reviews at all. They also have a lot of modern technology. Very impressive. Dr. Ilya is my favorite. They are all kind and caring. Best dentist you can find."

Lori B.

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"This place was great! My first visit I was very nervous as I hadn't seen a dentist in a long, long time. I had to get 2 molar extractions (that day; I have much more work)... & when I was told this I couldn't stop shaking I was so scared but it was pain-free, completely numb. Their job (at least part of it) is for you to not feel pain or to minimize it the best they can (though as the Dentist reminded me there's nothing anyone can do about the pressure). But both extractions were pain- free & rather fast! Couldn't ask for better service!!! I recommend to anybody. Also they accept Medicaid (it covers cleanings, cavities, & extractions), a huge plus."

Daniel W.

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"I have received treatment at EZ Dental Clinic since 2001 and always satisfied. They care for patients and help them to get their dental treatments. Very polite and nice staff that work at the office for long time. Victoria is experienced and helpful for patients. I recommend EZ Dental Clinic to you."

Peyman D.

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" You provide a "no nonsense",friendly and professional service. Any questions are answered honestly and fully. The facility is nice and clean and I have always felt that you offer good value for your services I think I have been using your services on and off for about 10 to 12 years."

Stephen S

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" the Doctors/staff at EZ Dental were absolutely fantastic. All my questions were answered and I felt comfortable. Being terrified of dentist since I was very young. the staff excelled at making me feel at ease and going that extra step to make sure that I was relaxed during the whole visit. Im having quite of bit of work being done implants, bridges extractions and dentures. in the beginning I thought I would never be able to sit through that many visits. EZ Dental made me feel at home and I would recommend anyone who has the same hesitation to contact the great staff at EZ Dental. "

Eric J.

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" I couldn't have found more dedicated people to help me thru this. The Doctors as well as the staff. Everyone has been very friendly and helpful, making this a good experience. I honestly feel I have made friends here and would recommend E-Z dental to everyone I know needing this type of care. I want to say thank you to everyone there ! Larry Long "

Larry Long.

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Professional Service
I left the office being very satisfied about the service i received. Very friendly and helpful staff. The doctor answered all my questions and concerns in a professional manner. Definitely, i will continue using their services. Thank you very much!

Nadiya M.

5 stars

I had a great experience with my Implant. Dr Abul was professional and highly qualified. The procedure went better than my expectation. I am extremely happy with my new tooth implant. Great job!

Zaher M.

5 Stars

Great front end staff, Dr Ilya is great
Dr Ilya is a caring and gentle dentist, he is very empathetic and always prepared to stand by his work. I really like the way he treats his dental nurses. -

Fiona D.

5 stars

5 stars
EZ Dental did an amazing job with me! They were very thorough and informed. All of my questions and concerns were answered. I had the most amazing cleaning and treatment at this office, seriously it was like my teeth were brand new.
The Doctors and staff had such a positive energy about them, it relaxed me instantly. The receptionists were super friendly and sweet. I knew I was in great hands here. Definitely would recommend to anybody who needs a dentist. I can’t wait to go back, thank you EZ Dental!

Victoria O.

5 stars

I’ve been a customer for many years and have always left happy. The dentist is great, and the dental assistants are also really nice. As a team, they do a fast and effective job.

Deeckla R.

5 stars

I love their work. Denturist and dentists were very knowledgeable and caring for my family. absolutely recommend.

Benjamin B.

5 stars

"Thanks to my Dentist!!!!! Front desk ladies are very nice! They always make sure you get an appointment as soon as possible. Great Dentist, Great Office! A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+"

Nathan G.

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"I had such a wonderful experience. The staff was warm and welcoming and the dentist was very knowledgeable and helped me relax, which was nice because I get nervous going to the dentist. I would definitely recommend this dentist to my friends and family."

Karren A.

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"I was afraid of taking out my wisdom tooth for a long time. It went bad and finally after getting really bad abscess I had to give up. My wife recommended EZ Dental and I was seeing by Dr. Mina Katchooi - she is good. I don't usually say glowing things about other people and I am afraid of dentists and pain associated, but Doc Katchooi and her staff have very good hands. I was in and out including x-ray within 30 min. No pain at all, healing really fast.

PS. OK, it's not the newest office in the skyrise, but they know what they doing. Will be back and would recommend to friends."

Ivan P.

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"Really nice staff, and do a great job each time. I'd recommend them. Easy to find, too."

Berry E.

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"The entire staff from front office to dental assistant. I was nervous about having work done because it had been a little while since my last dental appointment. But I was treated with respect, put at ease even. I was very embarrassed about couple of my teeth due to a filling falling out & cavity, but the tech completely put me at ease & made me feel good. Environment clean, professional. I would recommend to everyone ! & I will. "

Shane G.

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"Starting from the smiling receptionist, going through the nice and attentive hygienists and getting to the young and competent doctors, everyone in this office contributed to the amazing experience I have had so fan They gave me a new patient appointment surprisingly soon, sent not one but few reminders each time, and I never waited more than a few minutes in the waiting room. I am already taking my kids there too. Would recommend the office to anyone. "

Anna B.

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High quality service.
I have visited EZ Dental for many years and can tell that doctors are great and professional.

Tamila D.

5 stars

I was at clinic for x-ray and cleaning, and it was the best cleaning I have had in past 10 years.This is high quality service, with very professional and dedicated doctors.

Natalia Y.

5 stars

My second dentist apt.
They had 3 people working on me. All worked together made me comfortable, little pain and on time. They even let me watch Netflix while they worked on me. Great dentists and I would highly recommend them.

Laurie Z

5 stars

Wow! I am absolutely amazed with EZ Dental, they are THE dental office to go to. This dental clinic has been around for so long, they have deep roots in the Bellevue community. The Doctors are very well educated, and I loved that they took the time with me to explain all of my options. The staff is so welcoming and friendly. I was worried about finding a professional and qualified dentist to treat my needs and now I have. I recommend this office to everyone, they are truly deserving of 5 stars.

Andrey O.

5 stars

I’ve been going here for nearly a year, and at first I was a little wary because my last dentist was awful, but I’ve gradually grown to enjoy this dental clinic (as much as anyone can enjoy the dentist). They can be a little short sometimes if you’re late, and they don’t really take any bs, but as long as you’re not a jerk, they can be quite nice and helpful. I’ve only ever had one dentist who was a little rude and short with me, but I don’t think they work there anymore. But Ilya is awesome! The appointments tend to take a bit long, but it’s a busy place so that’s normal. They always have a nature show on which is great because there’s something to focus on if you’re the anxious type, like myself. It’s also quite cheap for the quality compared to others, which is great of you need something done your insurrance doesn’t cover. It’s a pretty good dentist, in my opinion.

Yaya W.

4 Stars

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