When your teeth have flaws, you may feel hesitant about showing your smile. But don’t let dental issues keep you from smiling! You should know that dental veneers may be able to help. This type of dental restoration is highly versatile and effective at addressing several oral health and aesthetic conditions.

The team at EZ Dental Clinic offers veneers to new and existing patients in Bellevue, Washington. Could veneers be the right solution for you? Here are several of the various dental problems that dental veneers can correct.

1. Deep tooth stains

When you have deep dental stains that go all the way through the outer enamel layers, teeth whitening treatments may not work effectively enough to restore the clean, white appearance of your tooth.

A dental veneer gives you a new canvas. This strong shell — made of durable porcelain or resin — gives the front surface of the treated tooth a refreshed appearance, completely covering stubborn stains.

2. Oddly shaped teeth

Teeth can be mismatched in terms of shape or length, and one or more of your teeth might not look like all the others. Veneers can be designed in any shape and size and attached to the front of that odd tooth to fit in perfectly with the others and even out your smile’s appearance.

3. Tooth gaps

Gaps between your teeth make your smile look unbalanced and also offer food debris a good place to get stuck and cause oral health problems like tooth decay. Adding veneers that are slightly wider than one or both teeth on either side of a gap make it disappear.

Veneers work a lot more quickly to correct tooth gaps than orthodontia options like braces. It only takes 1-2 office visits to secure your veneers in place.

4. Discoloration

Do your teeth not match consistently in tone, shade, or color? With veneers, you can fine-tune and even out the shade of your smile. Dental veneers can cover one or more teeth, matched to any shade, addressing problem areas as needed.

5. Crooked teeth

Another situation where you might opt for veneers rather than braces is if you have issues with slightly crooked teeth. Instead of spending months dealing with a mouth full of metal, let the team at EZ Dental Clinic custom-design veneers for you that effectively reshape crooked teeth.

6. Chipped or cracked teeth

When teeth chip or crack, veneers made from durable materials effectively strengthen and hold together damaged teeth for long-lasting restorative dentistry results. Veneers are permanently bonded to the fronts of your teeth, and you don’t need to care for them any differently than your natural teeth.

7. Broken teeth

Veneers can also help strengthen and reshape broken teeth, especially in the front of your mouth. Talk to the team at EZ Dental Clinic about the best and most cosmetically beneficial type of restoration for your broken tooth.

8. Visible signs of aging

As you get older, your teeth can give away your age. Veneers give you a fresh start, concealing visible signs of aging like yellowing, lengthening, or wear and tear. You might be surprised how much younger you look with just this simple dental treatment.

To learn more about all of the ways dental veneers could improve your smile, contact EZ Dental Clinic online or over the phone and schedule a consultation appointment.

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