Do you have to make a decision between dental crowns and bridges, and you’re not sure which option is right for you? Perhaps you’re not entirely sure about the differences between the two treatments.

Don’t worry. Our team here at EZ Dental Clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina, has just the right answers for you.

Our team of expert dentists have extensive training in cosmetic and surgical dental procedures and have been welcoming new patients to the practice for years now. Here are some basics they want you to know about dental crowns and bridges.

What to know about dental crowns

Just as a crown adorns a person’s head, dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that sit over a tooth. Dental crowns can restore the size, shape, and strength of a worn out or damaged tooth. These crowns are fixed into place using dental cement, and when the procedure is finished, they encase the natural tooth.

Why would you need dental crowns?

There are several reasons for needing dental crowns. Aside from protecting a weak tooth, repairing a broken tooth, or covering and supporting damaged teeth, dental crowns can hold dental bridges in place as well as cover teeth that are severely discolored.

What to know about dental bridges

A dental bridge, as its name suggests, closes the gap between a series of teeth. Bridges need to be anchored to at least two teeth on either side of the gap. These anchoring teeth are known as abutment teeth, and they’re usually linked by a false tooth or teeth.

You can opt to have these false teeth customized and made from a variety of materials including porcelain, gold, or alloys.

Why would you need dental bridges?

Beyond filling a gap with a false tooth, bridges go a long way in restoring your ability to eat properly. Additionally, missing teeth can change your face shape, so dental bridges can restore and help you maintain your original face shape.

You also want to prevent your other teeth from moving out of position. Bridges will prevent this drift.

So, which dental treatment is right for you?

The best way to settle this dental decision is to consult a qualified dentist. They assess the state of your teeth, the health of your gums, and whether you’re a good candidate for either of these treatments. Our team can recommend the best option for you based on your own cosmetic goals and the health of your teeth.

Need help deciding between dental crowns and bridges?

Maybe you have more questions about crowns, bridges, and perhaps other dental needs, either for you or other members of your family. Give us a call at EZ Dental Clinic or send us a message here on our website to schedule an appointment with us.

We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to meeting you.

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