A dental crown is a type of restoration that completely covers the exterior of your tooth to protect and stabilize it. At EZ Dental Clinic in Bellevue, Washington, our dentistry team offers custom-made crowns that look just like natural teeth. In this blog, our providers explain what crowns are used for and what you can expect if you get one.

The basics of dental crowns

You might need a dental crown if you have a tooth that’s significantly affected by decay or has a major crack or chip. You might also need a crown to reinforce a tooth after a root canal, to support a bridge, or as part of a dental implant. Crowns can also serve cosmetic purposes, such as to cover stains or resize a tooth.

At EZ Dental Clinic, we provide natural-looking porcelain crowns that work just like natural teeth, and they can last for years. We also offer crowns made of zirconia. Crowns for molars need to be made of porcelain strengthened with metal or from zirconia. Either way, your crown will match your other teeth in shape, shade, and size.

Getting a dental crown typically involves two appointments, though crowns associated with implant dentistry take more time due to the number of factors involved. Once a crown is in place, with the right care, it can last for a decade or more.

What to expect when getting a dental crown

As mentioned, getting a crown usually takes two appointments. Here’s what generally happens at them:

First appointment

First, your provider slightly reshapes your tooth to make room for the crown. This is necessary in order to make sure the finished size of your restoration looks normal when compared to your other teeth.

Then, your provider takes impressions of your teeth and mouth and places a temporary crown on your affected tooth. Then your provider sends the impressions to a lab, which will make your permanent crown.

While you’re wearing your temporary crown, you’ll be able to speak and eat relatively normally, but you should try to avoid chewing on the affected side and avoid eating foods that are tough on the teeth, such as nuts and hard candies.

Second appointment

Your permanent crown should be ready in about two weeks, at which time you can come back to the office for your provider to place your crown. When you return, your provider will remove the temporary crown and cement your permanent crown into place.

Then, you’re good to go! You’ll take care of your crown just like you do your other teeth, by brushing twice a day, flossing at least once a day, and attending regular checkups and cleanings.

If you need a dental crown or any other kind of dental treatment, we can help. We’ll give you a thorough evaluation and discuss your next steps. To learn more, call 425-746-6090 or book an appointment online with EZ Dental Clinic today.

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